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Waiting for CCSP Endorsement

I submitted for my CCSP endorsement on 11-14-2017 and included my CISSP.  


Since being a CISSP is a shortcut in the endorsement paperwork I would think it would be easy to approve the endorsement. 


Something like the following process.

  • CCSP test passed
  • Email received for the endorsement process
  • Candidate starts endorsement process
  • Candidate is a CISSP in good standing
  • Test results validated
  • Endorsement approved

It has been almost a month and still no word.  I can only think that my paperwork is in a queue with others that require validation of work history in specific domains.  If so, I guess I will have to wait 39 work days (like I did last year for my CISSP).


I do not mind waiting, I was just thinking that this process was optimized for one with a CISSP in good standing.


Have a great day,





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As far as I can see, the situation remains the same. My colleagues from France got the endorsement in about 3 or 4 days. Here in Brazil it usually takes longer, from what I've been talking about.

Newcomer II

Not sure what it's running at now, but I submitted my endorsement request for CCSP as an existing CISSP before business opened on Feb. 16. I'm still waiting [processing by (ISC)2 has not yet started], and I'm in the U.S.
I had naively thought that being a current CISSP would streamline the endorsement process for my CCSP such that it would clear quicker - after all, there's really nothing to review as the CISSP checks all the boxes.
My concern is that I have my annual performance review coming up in a couple of days. If I am not certified by then I risk missing out on the resulting pay bump for another year.

Austin L. Denyer, CISSP, CCSP