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Newcomer I

Put provisional pass on resume?



I received my provisional pass on the CISSP exam today, and I wanted to know if that's something I can include on a resume.  With the 8+ week wait for the endorsement verificaion and review process I'd like to include the pending CISSP on my resume (of course listing it as provisional or pending). 


Looking at the logo guidelines in makes it clear that I can't claim to have the CISSP certification, but it doesn't specifically call out if you can list a provisional pass on a resume.  I'm not finding anything concrete that says doing so would violate ToS.


If I need to wait the 8 weeks to get everything approved and official that's fine.  I'm just excited and looking forward to being able to include the CISSP to my resume.



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Advocate I

Am surprised it takes 8 weeks.


When I got my ISC2 and ISACA certs, I saw they took 4 weeks to process.  I think in one case it was 3 weeks.


With ISACA, when you pass their tests you have 5 YEARS to submit paperwork to get the certification.  ISACA has made it clear that you are fine to share out on social media that you've passed, but that is NOT to go on your resume or LinkedIn profile as it could give the wrong impression you have the cert.  Would like ISC2 would be the same.


Not sure on other certifying bodies, but others expect the application BEFORE you take the exam (PMI, DRI, and maybe EC-Council does this).


Community Champion

It was around 4 weeks up until a few months ago. I won't go into the reasons why it increased, but it went up to over 9 weeks. Thankfully, it is now steadily making its way back down. I recently had an endorsement completed in just over 7 weeks. Hopefully they will get back to 4 weeks again in the not too distant future!

Newcomer II

Having provisionally passed yesterday, I was sailing in the same boat today when updating my CV.


Even though this thread is more than four years old, a few thoughts that struck me are worth noting here.


  • A candidate may be in any one or all of the scenarios below.
    • Provisionally passed
    • Endorsement is yet to start
    • Endorsement is in progress
    • The certificate is yet to be certified.
  • It is about integrity because using "certified" without the certificate is unreasonable.
  • Having studied for any ISC2 certification, the code of ethics is known to the candidate; the fourth canon can be aptly applied in thoughts and actions for these scenarios.
  • As a benefit of the doubt, people may ask ISC2. However, thinking like a board member, there is no need for ISC2 to document this as reasoned above.

At the same time, using "provisionally passed" is not questionable by anyone because the candidate's result is official. When required further explanation, the meaning of "provisionally passed" may be shared for clarity.

Community Champion

@hsehdarI don’t think your logic follows.

You can be a candidate, associate or a member.

You can put these on your CV, I’d even go so far as to say it’s OK to verbally really someone you passed and are awaiting your membership or associate status.

I don’t think that you can put provisionally passed CISSP or similar on your CV, as you would be creating an expectation that you were certified by or an associate of ISC2 before this was official.

If someone were to make a report/complaint to ISC2 I think there is probably a decent chance of disqualification from certification or association by/with ISC2 at least for a period of time.

You’d be better off waiting until you are officially informed that you are certified or an associate by ISC2 and can use the appropriate marks/make the claims.

Newcomer II

@Early_Adopter Thank you. I agree.

IMHO, ISC2 does not clearly state the context of using the word "provisional" because the printed letter given at the test centre has it. It is not in the mail. So, it is to be wisely discretion by the passed candidate. As mentioned previously, further explanation may be given to non-ISC2 acquaintances.

All these subtle materials or points are a good test of the morals and ethics of individuals.

I appreciate you giving your time to read and comment.

I learned something from you.

Community Champion

No worries, “…good things come to those who wait…”

I think the chances of someone first seeing it on a CV then putting in a complaint rather than just pouting it out(most people are reasonable) is low - however better safe than sorry.

If you search for some of the public howls of anguish from some of those who feel(rightly or wrongly) that they were wronged or unfairly impacted by the clean up from the proctored online exam trial you can see that it’s best to not have any issues.