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Experience Requirements for SSCP

Hi Everyone, 


So I have enrolled in the Self paced Online course by Coursera for SSCP and although I do have about 4 years of Experience as a Technical Operations/SysAdmin, My Stint for Information Security has started with my new job where i have been working for about 8 months.


I am thinking of registering for the SSCP exams in the next couple of months (8 + 2 Months from Now = 10 Months of Total InfoSec work falling in one of the 7 mentioned domains of ISC2) and then earn my remaining 2 months of experience for a total of 12 months as I have 9 months before I submit my application for getting the SSCP Credential. 


Do you folks think this will be a good option or should I sit as an Associate of ISC2. I believe I have enough leeway considering the timelines. What do you suggest ? 

Sorry for the long post wanted to be as detailed as possible. Thanks 🙂

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Newcomer II

Re: Experience Requirements for SSCP

I think that is a personal decision.  If I am understanding your question correctly, you are asking if you should wait a few months and apply for the SSCP certification, of if you should immediately join (ISC)2 as an Associate?


I think the Associate program is great if you are short of experience for one of the certifications requiring more time in the industry, such as the CISSP or CCSP.  


I don't know what tangible benefit you would gain for being an Associate for just a few months.  Unless you are planning to change jobs during that few month window, and think the potential employer would be looking for that designation.  Which I would think isn't common.  


That is just my opinion.  I don't think there is truly a right or wrong answer here.  But, either way, good luck!