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Defender I

Write-In Candidates

The ballot has space to write in up to the full five votes, along with the submitted slate of nominees.


If anyone wishes to be considered as a write-in candidate I suggest announcing in this thread, and providing exactly the form of your name to use.  As Diana @dcontesti has pointed out, slightly different names in the write in field result in splitting the votes to different "candidates."


Diana has also asked the following, over in the thread in Member Support 

(ISC)2 Board of Directors election


"As I am always game for most things, if folks want to write my name in, that would be fine.  However with a write-in, the names have to be identical otherwise the name is counted separately (so D.L. Contesti and Diana Contesti would be counted as two separate people).


If folk decide to write my name on the ballot, please use Diana Contesti."



D. Cragin Shelton, DSc
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Community Champion

Talk about silly rules. I spelled out her full name 😞 I don't suppose it is possible to recast my vote is it?

Contributor III

If I remember correctly, the name has to match the name on record for the member. Similar to the rule where petitions need to be submitted from the address on record for the supporting candidate. The first rule is that the candidate needs to be eligible (member in good standing) and while some names are pretty unique, there are many Mike and Michael Smiths. Let alone Robert Jones III being voted for as Trey Jones 🙂 Names are far from structured data ...



Sic semper tyrannis.

Diana, I'm glad to see at least one woman on the ballot. Too bad that you are a write in.